Docent Dr. Marta Choroszewicz



I am an experienced researcher and lecturer on the topics of fostering data-driven organizations, social dimensions of data technologies and data practices, inclusive work culture and research methods. In my research and teaching, I have drawn on various datasets, including interviews, surveys, media material and observations, as well as research methods, including survey research, mixed methods research design and ethnography. I have conducted research in Poland, Finland and French Canada. Through my research, I aim to advance people-centred work culture, data practices and data technologies. I have also served on various boards and committees to promote equal opportunities as well as diverse and inclusive working environments, both within organizations and society at large.

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Senior Researcher University of Eastern Finland

I was born in Poland and moved to Finland in 2005. In 2007 I earned the Master's degrees from both Poland and Finland. In 2014 I became a Doctor in Social Sciences and in 2021, I was awarded with the title of docent by Tampere University. Through my education and research, I have been fortunate to visit various countries around the world. My experiences include an amazing traineeship at Eurostat in Luxemburg, as well as enriching research visits to English and French Canada as well as Australia. I have also held jobs as a volunteer, radio host and public service interpreter. Social activism has been important for me and therefore, I have held several positions of trust and leadership in the Polish and Finnish academic communities.

  • Email:
  • ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7564-6437
  • Languages: Polish, English, Finnish, German
  • Interviews conducted: 120+
  • Teaching: 300+ contact hours
  • Scientific presentations: 60+

Research interests

  • Social sustainability of ongoing digitalization and AI-enabled automation of welfare states
  • Digital welfare state
  • Professionals' work and expertise in the age of advanced algorithmic systems
  • Digital social inequality and digital inclusion
  • Inequality processes within professional work and careers
  • Invisible work around AI technologies

I am fascinated by people and their agency, social processes, technologies and social change. I thrive in diverse communities. I am also a team player with an eye for a detail.

If you are interested to collaborate, do not hesitate to contact me!

Featured resume


Title of Docent in Sociology


Tampere University, Finland

Doctor of Social Sciences, major in sociology


University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Certified Public Service Interpreter Polish-Finnish-Polish


Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK, Finland

Master of Social Sciences

2006 - 2007

University of Joensuu

International Master's Degree in Cultural Diversity, sociology and social policy

Master of Sociology

2002 - 2007

University of Białystok

Professional Experience


2008 - Present

Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus

  • Socially sustainable digitalization and automation of welfare states
  • Transformation of professional work, expertise and leadership under AI technologies
  • Social change and social inequalities in professions, work-life balance and boundary management strategies
  • Digital social inequalities and youth studies

University Lecturer

fall 2015, academic year 2009/2020, fall 2022

Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Bachelor's thesis and seminar, supervision of BSc and MSc students
  • Thematic courses: sociological theories, well-being theories and citizenship, gender theories and welfare states, social inequalities in the professions

Freelance public service interpreter


Interpreter's Centre, Joensuu, Finland

  • Occupational safety trainings, job orientation trainings, developmental discussions, healthcare visits, early childhood education and care



Various jobs

  • Eurostat (blue book trainee)
  • University of Joensuu (research assistant)
  • University of Bialystok (research assistant)
  • Radio Akadera (radio host)
  • Volunteering at Volunteer Centre Białystok

Featured projects

“Perpetual Piloting and Invisible Work of Automating Public Services in Finland” (2024-present)

The project investigates the development and implementation of new AI-based technologies in public organisations in Finland. In particular, it focuses on the human work required for and around AI-based automation to identify the main challenges and changes that AI-based automation is bringing to the professional life, work, expertise and public services in Finland.

“Gender, Career and Law: Integrating parenting to the demanding legal career in Finland and Canada” (2016-2018, postdoctoral project)

The project explored women’s and men’s experiences of legal work, professional ethos, careers and work-life balance through an intersectional lens by focusing on the intersection of gender and age in the particular organizational, professional and socio-cultural contexts. The project has contributed to research on inequalities in the professions with the insights into the ways in which gender and age converge to confer privilege and produce disadvantage, and the ways in which gender inequality is reproduced, and disrupted, through the activities of professionals on the job.

“Pursuing a career in a male-dominated profession: Women Attorneys in Finland and in Poland” (2008-2014, doctoral dissertation)

The project examined the resources and strategies that women attorneys draw on to advance their legal careers within a single profession across two countries with differential professional and socio-cultural contexts. The project was based on the mixed methods design to unmask a range of processes, which sustain the male advantage instilled in the prerequisites for career advancement and professional role as lawyers, as well as women’s everyday mico-practices to renegotiate their status.

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Featured publications

(In)visible everyday work of fostering data-driven health care and social services in Finland (2023)

New Technology, Work and Employment.

Available here

Emotional labour in the collaborative data practices of repurposing healthcare data and building data technologies (2022)

Big Data & Society

Available here

Gender, age and inequality in the professions (2019)


Available here

All publications (pdf)

Research visits


Monash University June 2023

Emerging Technologies Lab (Melbourne, Australia). Host: Prof Sarah Pink.


Queen's University July - Oct 2017

Department of Sociology (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). Host: Prof. Fiona Kay


Teluq/University of Quebec Sept–Dec 2016

School of Business Administration, (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Host: Prof. Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay.

Featured research funding and grants

Finnish Cultural Foundation 2023, 2-year personal research grant

Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation 2015, 1- year personal research grant

Kone Foundation 2008-2009, 2010-2011, 3-year personal research grant

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Featured teaching

Gender, State and the Labor Market MA level. 22-26h, 5 ECTS. Fall 2015-2019

[Interviewing Practices and Methodological Issues]
MA level. 20h. 5 ECTS. Fall 2012, 2013, 2019 and 2020

Tilastolliset menetelmät yhteiskuntatieteissä
[Statistical Methods for Social Sciences]
BA level. Exercise course. 20h. 2 ECTS. Fall 2015 and 2019.

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Scholarship of Polish Ministry of Education (2005/2006, 2006/2007)


Good teacher award (2020)

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship (2005)